Let it Snow….

Its beginning to look a lot like ….. CHRISTMAS! Here at the White Horse as the weather starts to turn that bit colder (and because its England, that bit wetter too) we are starting to get excited as all that glitters doesn’t have to be gold! In fact our baubles […]

I thought I saw a lamb……

Well the weather may not be getting that much better but I have noticed that the evenings are getting lighter and that can only mean one thing….. SPRING! One of the main connections I personally make with spring is easter! Now although it is early this year the White Horse […]

Mother’s Day is coming soon!

Mother’s day is fast approaching in fact we are exactly 1 month away. Here at the White Horse we have finalised our menu and are ready to save you from the task of washing up. Our menu is below:   ┬áStarters Homemade Pea Soup, Crusty Bread Chicken, Roasted Pepper and […]